Ankle joint arthrosis/cartilage damage in the ankle joint/osteochondritis dissecans

When mobility is braked

The ankle joint consists of the talocrural joint and talotarsal joint (TTJ). In complaints, the talocrural joint between the tibia and the ankle bone is often affected. Above all, intense twisting damages the joint. With joint arthrosis, increased cartilage wear occurs, and its capacity to absorb shock increasingly diminishes. Pain, inflammation, swelling, and mobility restrictions develop. The gait pattern is increasingly limited, and sports can no longer be practiced. Depending on the severity, initial conservative therapy can also be performed here.

Conservative therapy:

  • Exercise therapy/stability training
  • Injections (hyaluronic acid, cortisone)
  • ACP/autologous blood injections
  • Acupuncture, leech therapy
  • Kinesio taping
  • Orthotics

Surgical therapy:

If no improvement is seen or if the arthrosis is already too advanced, there are arthroscopic surgical techniques to remove scarred tissue and brittle or completely detached cartilage parts. If there are minor cartilage defects, the ankle joint can be provided with a type of replacement cartilage by means of different techniques.

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