Childhood flexible flatfoot (Pes planovalgus)

Big pain in little feet

A flexible flatfoot in children up to a certain age is physiological, that is, normal. If a correction during their growth does not take place and the children complain about pain while walking, therapy may be necessary. To some extent, genetic factors are the cause of flexible flatfoot. However, excess weight can also be the trigger. At the elementary school age, orthotic inserts and foot exercises can have very positive effects. If a deformity with complaints persists, there is still the option during the growth phase of growth modulation by means of a small surgical procedure.

Conservative therapy:

  • Orthotic inserts
  • Foot exercises
  • Kinesio taping

Surgical therapy:

  • Arthroereisis – talus stop

Here, a screw is inserted into the heel bone through a small skin incision. In this area, the screwhead blocks the buckling between the talus and heel bone. After growth is finished, the screw is removed again. The children may quickly stress the foot again and actively participate in sports after the operation. The procedure can also be performed on both feet at the same time.

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