Claw toe/hammer toe/other deformities of the fifth toes/tailor’s bunion

Inflammatory focus and pain trigger

There are deviations of the positions of the toes in all directions. Here there are often claw or hammer toes that lead to inflammation of the joints due to pressure spots or pain under the foot due to incorrect loading. If the toe deformities are still flexible, conservative therapy is possible. If a fixed deformity is already present or earlier conservative measures are not successful, we offer different surgical procedures to correct deformities. We will discuss and agreed on these procedures with you personally.

Conservative therapy:

  • Shoe inserts
  • Individual padding (gel cushions, felt toe rings, silicone toe rings, night splints)
  • Foot exercises
  • Kinesio taping

Surgical therapy:

For the surgical corrective operations on the toes, there are numerous surgical procedures, from tendon corrections to bony corrections, which we will explain to you individually based on your findings.

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