Floating Bone fragments in the joints

More than little troublemakers

Floating fragments in the joints are either little pieces of cartilage or bone that have been caused by arthrosis, osteochondrosis dissecans or instabilities in the joint. A tumble or excessive sport could also be the cause for these fragments.

Conservative therapy

These fragments are a mechanical problem so that conservative therapy is not the appropriate way of treatment. The friction and jamming of the fragments can be harmful to the healthy cartilage around it, leading to a higher risk for irreparable damage to the joint.

The acute pain can be eased by anti-inflammatory measures;

  • Injections
  • Neuralgic therapy
  • Kinesiology taping
  • ACP / Autohemotherapy


An arthroscope (camera) and instruments to remove the fragment are inserted through 2 small incisions. This method enables a quick and very gentle removal of the troublemakers. During the same operation, the problem causing the fragments can often be treated as well. 

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