Frequently asked questions about foot surgery

What can I do against the pain?

We can assure you that we carry out our operations with the greatest care to prevent pain as much as possible. We do without using a drainage whenever possible. Depending on the risk factors, we will talk to you about appropriate pain killers before the operation. Normally, a mild pain killer will be sufficient. During the surgery we even apply special local anaesthetics, leading to very little pain after the operation. We are well-experienced foot surgeons and have put together an efficient concept to make life more comfortable for our patients.


What can I do against the swelling?

The swelling is caused by oedema and internal bruising. Liquid always flows downwards so the first thing to do is elevate the foot. We apply the dressing in such a way to ease the swelling. It also helps to cool the affected area, however, please ensure you don’t cool the wound for more than 15 minutes. Don’t cool if you experience blood circulation problems, and please never put any ice directly onto the skin.

Easy movements also help to reduce the swelling. We will support you with our professional advice.

We are also happy to help you with plant-based medication to reduce the swelling and to enhance the healing of the bones.


How soon can I walk again after the OP?

Your foot will be protected with a special shoe. Depending on the type of surgery, you could immediately use your foot and walk for a short distance. We recommend you use crutches during the first few days until you feel safe enough without them. The healing process permitting, you’ll be able to wear comfortable shoes normally after 3-4 weeks.


When will I be able to do sport again?

Depending on the surgery and the sport you do, you’ll be able to start again within 6-8 weeks. Training of the upper body and the torso without putting any weight on the foot will, of course, be possible any time. We’re happy to give you our recommendations if you like.


Will it be necessary to remove screws or other materials later on?

No, not necessarily. We usually use implants made of titanium which are compatible with the body. It’s always possible that a screw might irritate you. In this case, it can be easily removed in a minor operation once the healing process of the bones is complete.

During some operations, we use a special thread which just dissolves after a while.

When correcting the flat feet of children with turned-in ankles, the so-called Talus-Stop screws will be removed once the child is fully grown.


Is it possible to operate on both feet in parallel?

Yes, this is possible. We’ll be happy to help you through the process.


Will I be able to wear normal shoes after the operation?

Yes. After 3-6 weeks you will be able to wear normal shoes again, possibly soft and comfortable shoes to start with. It will also be possible for you to wear more elegant shoes again. However, please remember what’s best to keep your feet healthy and fit and walk barefoot and do special foot exercises. 


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