Our feet form the basis of every movement. Quite often we don’t attach enough importance to them. However, our feet consist of 26 bones, 33 tendons and 100 ligaments! The soles of our feet have more sensory cells than our face. The coordination of all these parts enable us to walk firmly with confidence.

If there is something wrong with that basis we can quite often feel the consequences in other areas, e.g. in our knees or in our back.

The pain in our feet can have several causes, such as malpositions like bunions (hallux valgus), claw toes or skew and splayfoot, pressure points and problems with your shoes. That way every step can be extremely painful. Problems with the tendons like Achilles tendon and under the sole of your feet (plantar fasciitis, calcaneal spur) clearly limit our mobility in everyday life.

Even babies and small children can have deformities of their feet like pigeon toes (pes adductus) or club foot. For the children it is very important to get a diagnosis very early in their lives so we can start the therapy as soon as possible.

As children grow older skew and splayfeet are actually quite common. Depending on their age they can outgrow them. However, a congenital synostosis (coalitio) can lead to permanent problems if not treated properly.

Problems with the feet and ankles are very often caused by sports injuries. Also a bruised toe can lead to long-term issues. So-called stress fractures might happen even without accidents but can be traced back to undue pressure over a long time.

As we have many years of experience with foot and ankle surgery, professional support for athletes and conservative therapy for problems of all ages, we will gladly discuss your issues during our special consultations. We will answer all of your questions regarding the prevention, diagnostics and therapy of medical conditions in connection with your feet and ankles!

For further information please have a look at the chapters on foot and ankle surgery, diagnostic tests and sports medicine.

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