Our knees are one of the biggest joints in the body and very important for our mobility. There are several causes for knee problems;

  • Arthrosis of the knees due to the wear and tear of the cartilage
  • Malpositions of the knees (bow-legs or knock-knees) which can cause too much stress on the joint
  • Injuries or irritation of the collateral ligaments
  • Bursitis
  • Baker cyst, i.e. a painful collection of fluid in the hollow of your knee
  • Inflammations caused by rheumatism or gout
  • Injuries of the meniscus
  • Injuries of the cruciate ligaments
  • Bone Bruises
  • Blockage of the caput fibulae
  • Tendonitis (patellar tendon inflammation, runners knee, jumpers knee, pes anserinus syndrome)
  • Growth disorders (children)
  • Morbus Osgood Schlatter (while children are growing up)

Quite often the medical history and our check-ups give us an indication of the causes for the knee problems. During our consultation we will discuss the situation with you personally and we will certainly find just the right diagnostic tests and therapy for you.

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