Therapeutic care for osteoporosis

Essential strengthening of the bones

Osteoporosis is a disease with numerous causes that lead to a degeneration of bone. As a result, pain arises and fractures can occur, often without a major fall. This often happens even without being noticed. Due to fractures that frequently affect the spine, the back becomes more crooked, and height decreases.

To prevent these consequences, it is important to detect this disease early and start therapy promptly.
A so-called bone density scan (DXA) is used to determine osteoporosis. We evaluate this scan, along with a comprehensive risk questionnaire and special laboratory tests.

Then it’s a matter of avoiding risk factors (smoking, medications taken) and restrengthening the bones through special nutrition and exercise therapy. Severe forms may also require a special drug therapy.

Your benefits:

  • Prompt detection and treatment of osteoporosis or the early stages of it
  • Minimization of risk factors, even before osteoporosis occurs
  • Avoiding falls and fractures through targeted training (fall prevention)
  • Stabilizing the bones through optimized nutrition
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